To find new colleagues, select Browse people from the slide out menu.  You will be shown a list of all current eRounds members.  You can either scroll through the list or search by name in the search box.   If you see someone you’d like to request to be colleagues with, tap on their profile and select “Connect” in the upper right corner of their profile.  If you can’t find the user you’re looking for, you can invite them by selecting the Invite button next to Browse People.  eRounds will send an e-mail on your behalf inviting them to join you on eRounds.

You can also connect with Colleagues via your profile page.  When viewing your colleague list, select the + next to Connect with Colleagues.  You can search by name or e-mail address.  If the user you’re looking for is in eRounds, you can view their profile and send them a request to connect by tapping “Connect” in the upper right corner of their profile.